I had my start in modeling over four years ago but have been a student of art since I can remember.  As a model with a photography background, I know how to really appreciate the person on the other side of the lends.  I am free spirit that is always looking forward to creating unique, eye-catching art. Through friends I made participating in the D.E.A.C. I was able to extend myself into the beautiful performance art of burlesque. I joined a local entertainment troop and soon became lead burlesque performer. While a part of this troop I was able to grace the stage of Burt’s warehouse for the second and third Erotica Ball and Dirty Show 9.5 and 10.

I recently left my home in Detroit to set up in Chicago and go to school for graphic design and art education. Although I have little free time in my schedule I am still looking for opportunities to pursue my passion of modeling and performance art. So please take a look around and feel free to contact me  if you think I would be right for a photo/video project or a performance event.